If you have never been on a fishing charter before or this is your hundredth trip out, it never hurts to ask questions. Here are some ones we get often and their answers. Don't forget, if you don't see an answer here,
feel free to contact us or ask us on Facebook!

Who can go on a fishing charter?

Anyone! We encourage everyone to go fishing! Please let us know in advance if special accommodations are needed. We will always try to make your experience an unforgettable one.

What do I wear on my charter?

Typically shorts, rubber shoes, long sleeve shirts (UV protective are best), sunglasses, and hats are recommended. Be sure to check out the weather forecast! Don't forget the sunscreen!

Is there a bathroom on the charter?

Yes, there is a bathroom on the offshore boat and Captain Bryan will keep you
within 10-15 minutes of a public rest room when fishing on the inshore flats boat.

Do I need to own or buy a fishing license?

No, you don’t! Reel Revenge Fishing Charters carries all special permits and licensing,

including inshore fishing species and federal offshore permits which entitles
clients to keep fish that are in season, in both State and Federal waters.

Not all charter companies posses the federal reef and pelagic permits.
They will try to keep you fishing for smaller fish within 9 miles of shore.
We will take our customers out 50 plus miles as long as the weather allows it!

I want to fish for a specific species. Is that possible?

Of course, but success is sometimes dependent upon the time of year, location,
and water conditions. Captain Bryan will make every effort to fulfill your request.

What kind of fishing tackle is supplied on the trip?
Can I bring my own rod & reel?

Captain Bryan is equipped with the industry’s top-of-the-line rods, reels and tackle.
We offer heavy and medium trolling/spinning combos as well as light spinning combos
for inshore fishing. You can certainly fish with your own gear, or use it in combination with
our own supplied tackle. All ice, bait and tackle are included with your trip.

Is there a “No Fish - No Pay” policy?

No, however Captain Bryan’s local expertise and consistent
tournament wins will help assure your success.

What kind of safety gear are the boats equipped with?

Captain Bryan's first and foremost number one concern is safety!
He is constantly monitoring multiple different weather sources such as NOAA radar,
offshore weather buoys as well as local weather radar. He recommends his clients give
the range of dates they are in town so that he may choose the best day to go fishing.

If I lose a lure or break a rod, will I be charged?

No, we understand accidents happen.

What time do charters leave?

Standard departure time is 8 am. Earlier departures can be
arranged upon request. Our charters are fully customizable.

Can I make my reservation without making a deposit?

No. All charters require a reservation deposit. When we receive your deposit, we will send
your reservation confirmation by email, and the balance due must be paid upon arrival.

Is it possible to extend our fishing time during the trip?

Check with Captain Bryan for any conflicts of schedule.

If the time is available, the charter can be extended for an additional fee.

How many people are allowed on the trip?

Our trips can accommodate six people maximum.

What if the extra people in my party don’t fish?
Do they still have to pay or can more than
six people come if they are not fishing?

We are limited to the number of people allowed on the vessel and
the Coast Guard does not discriminate who is fishing and who is not.

Can we keep our catch and will
Captain Bryan clean our fish for us?

Yes, you may keep your catch. We clean 100% of the fish for our customers, at no charge.

Can I get my fish mounted?

Upon request, Captain Bryan can arrange to have your
catch mounted through associate taxidermists.

(239) 690-6596

Cape Coral Fishing Charters
is a full service fishing charter company! When you book your trip with us, we take care of everything you need for
an awesome day out on the water! We have rods, reels, bait and a boat that is equipped for the type of trip you are looking to take. Spend the day with us and we’ll show you a great time at sea!

Cape Coral Fishing Charters, 5828 Cape Harbour Dr, Cape Coral, FL 33914
(239) 719-1308

(239) 719-1308

Ask about our Military discounts and custom trips for
Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses,
Military Family Members, as well as First Responder Discount
for active Police, Fire and EMT customers.

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